One Small Step For Lego Man

Lego Man In Space

It looks like Canada has won the international Lego Man space race. Two 17 year old students, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad successfully launched a Lego Man 24 kilometers above the earth.

The Lego Man, sporting a Canadian flag, successfully twirled through the air for 97 minutes before returning to earth. 

Ho and Muhammad were inspired two years ago, after watching a video of a balloon sent to space by students at M.I.T. 

The Lego Man’s journey into space was documented after the boys attached four cameras to the balloon, producing absolutely amazing footage. 

Watch the whole journey here, and check out some stunning photos snapped from high above. 



Spartan Golf Club: Best.Logo.Ever

Spartan Golf Club Logo

This could be one of the most clever logos that I have ever seen. It has always been a challenge for designers to use dead space effectively, and incorporate all parts of the name in the logo; but Spartan Golf Club have absolutely nailed it. 

Similar to the current FedEx and old Big Ten logos, Spartan Golf Club is playing some amazing tricks with space and mind. 



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